Extras in Movie ‘Joker 2’ Complain They Don’t Take Enough Bathroom Breaks


‘Jokers 2’

Extra Annoyed Over Bathroom…

We Can’t Hold It Forever!!!

Things went awry on the set of the upcoming “Joker” sequel… we’re told extras were angry over the lack of bathroom access, causing tension with the production.

Sources on set told TMZ…extras for the film had complained about working for more than 2 hours straight and not being allowed to use the bathroom or drink water during filming at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank.

We’re told that the potty problem mainly occurs when extras are set for the camera settings, which often last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. The background actors feared the repercussions if they asked their superiors to use the restroom… it was because they said some extras had been scolded.

Our source says one extra had to use the bathroom “really” between camera setups, but to do so, they first had to “state their case” to the assistant director why it was actually an emergency.

When the extras were on their way back to set up after using the bathroom, we were told they took a cup of water and the assistant director said to them “Why are you drinking more water? So you have to pee again?”

We’re told another AD is overheard saying, “I’ve never been to the bathroom this much. What are they doing in there? Because they definitely don’t use it.”

With shoots tentatively scheduled for 5 weeks, there’s plenty of cash and routine work on the table to spare during what’s usually a slow period in Hollywood, which is why some people don’t want to ruffle their feathers on a bathroom break.

We are aware SAG received a complaint about a time-out violation and they are investigating and speaking to production. We were told cooperative production and SAG will continue to follow up and monitor the set.

“Joker: Folie à Deux” will be released in 2024 … and starring Joaquin Phoenix And Lady Gaga. Filming began in December.

This is the second time there’s been a bathroom problem on the set of the movie “Joker”…as we said the first time, during filming for the first movie in 2018, extras were locked in a Brooklyn subway car for over 3 hours and started pee on the rails.

We reached out to Warner Bros., but have had no reply so far.

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